CARIB AFRIQUE USA, is an Haute Couture Tropical Culturally diverse themed fashion designed with a Continental African flare and a Caribbean textured feel. We are based in the US Virgin Islands where our Design Team influences the production of outstanding pieces tailored for comfortable wear by Gentlemen, Ladies and their Children.

With an origin in 1992, CARIB AFRIQUE USA is the vision of Delia Anderson, a native of New York who resides in the beautiful St. Croix environs with turquoise water flowing freely with inspiration. Ms. Anderson is a Professional Designer with over 38 years of experience in molding students in the craft at a design school.

CARIB AFRIQUE USA initially operated as a Boutique in St. Croix before venturing into global operations with an online presence as fashion soars in this new era offering much optimism in life and lifting the spirits of many.

With over 25 years of customer satisfaction, CARIB AFRIQUE USA designs also include Elegant Caribbean Madras Clutch Purses, Hats, Headscarves, and numerous personal accessories. We also produce complimentary Home Décor which is used as an accent piece for parties, church events or cultural receptions.

We design, produce and market globally: Clothing, Accessories, Home Décor, and Gifts with Offices in St. Croix, New York, and Atlanta

meet the team

Ms. Delia Anderson

Chief Creative & Design Officer

Ms. Alice Carter

Mr. Alvin Brathwaite

Mr. David Johnson